Yes, we have curtains! And they're hanging up!
Today has been such a fruitful day in the house. We got a floor down (well, Herman did. I just handed him the floor boards and hung around trying to be helpful. Sometimes I succeeded). Herman fixed our bookcases so that the tv would fit in. He hung up the rails for the curtains. I ironed the first curtains and resolutely decided NOT to wash the second pair. No more ironing, thank you! I had to go buy a new iron because it had a layer of burnt gunge on it from ironing too many polyester clothes at the wrong temperature. (I sincerely hope other make this same mistake...)
Anyway, it gives a real sense of fulfilment to get some more things done around here. Sunday we're celebrating Tristans birthday and it will be nice to have people over in a house that we feel happy about!

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