I was reading a blog from somebody who was making her own chicken soup. She wondered if anybody else had ever created their own recipe. That kind of had me scratching behind my ears! I cannot imagine anybody using a cookbook for every meal, or am I an exception? I don't use a cookbook except as a source of inspiration. I feel compelled to change every recipe I ever come across. Sometimes it's because I can't afford the ingredients, or I don't have them, or I don't like them. So I use the gist of the recipe and then toss in a lot of stuff of my own.
Lately it's become a real challenge to cook for the family. Usually Herman cooked about 3 times a week, now it's just me. That means I have to think a lot harder and bring in some more variation.
My creative cooking has lots of family memeber disgruntled though. They just don't appreciate it! But I know that cooking will turn into a major trial if I have to cook the same meals all the time. I can at least make it fun by tossing in a strange ingredient or trying new combinations. I'm no chef though, lest you think that I'm a culinary princess!
But I am proud to say that we are at least eating at the table. I have managed to get back into the habit of setting the table and eating together. Much better for our family dynamics.

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