Bike Ride

I worked up the energy to go on an exploratory bike ride today and didn't regret it! Had a big grin on my face and regrets because I didn't bring along my camera. I saw some scenes that I would have loved to share with you. What to think of 5 farmers in blue overalls with yellow clogs (yes, clogs!), leaning on their rakes, standing in front of an old barn. Or a washing line in front of an old farm with long johns hanging on it. Or a grandmother, busily wiping down the shutters on the house (that sight alone fills me with admiration, seeing as I love housework so much!). And this windmill, by the side of the road (without the seats in front of it, too cold out today!). I passed a farm where they make old fashioned farmers ice cream and another where they make cheese.
The goal of my trip was the lake close by and it was well worth the effort. The sky was blue, the shores of the lake were covered with tan colored grasses, there were white swans floating on the deep blue water. It was quite poetic, and made me realize how pretty Holland can be. In the summer you can take a bike ride across the lake on to the next village. Next time I will bring a camera and see how well I do in promoting my new "home". Can I tempt anybody to come on a visit?

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Anonymous said...

If I had the $ you know I would be there tomorrow. You have certainly tempted me......but long before now. On day I hope to see you again my friend.

And for goodness sake take your camera next time! ;)

Deb B. --Colorado

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