Friends, old and new

I've written about friends before. Today I had an old friend come by. And this time I mean a friend from way back when (back in the days of RVA). We hadn't seen eachother in at least 6 years and this time he had his wife to show off with. It was fun to catch up with him, get to know his wife, and realize that some friendships can handle huge breaks and still be there when the time comes to meet up again! He is part of a trio of brothers, all of whom have a special place in my heart even though we rarely talk.
As for new friends.. I havn't met any potentials yet. But who knows what may come! I may have some colleague that turns out to be a friend, or maybe there's somebody living in the street that I havn't met yet. I don't miss friends yet. Maybe family is filling up the space thats usually reserved for friends.

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