Here's me giving Tristan his injection. He gets an intravenous shot of clotting factor every other day, or at least three times a week. Herman and I both took an "injection course" to learn how to do this. You'd think that injecting him three times a week would make us really aware of his illness (hemofilia) but actually the opposite is true. I tend to forget I need to inject him even though we've been doing it for about 7 years! Of course, that may just be a sign of repression on my part.....
We handle his illnesses with a certain casualness though, that some people may find a bit frightening sometimes. Tristan plays soccer, goes swimming, stays at home alone, and plays outside without us really knowing where he's at. The only concession that we did a while ago was to get him an SOS bracelet, so if something dramatically bad happens at least people will know what number to call. For the rest we treat him like any other child. Thank goodness he does well with our sometimes lackadaisical parenting!

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Big Mama said...

I, not having a child with any big halth issues, can only speak from observations. And I would imagine that if you were on tenterhooks all the time, you wouldn't cope, and nor would the rest of your family. Tristan is having a normal childhood. What a gift you are giving him. If you arelaxed, I guess he will be as well.
I have a close friend who has a deadly allergy to peanuts, and becuase her mother has raised her in a state of deadly panic, she has really struggled with anxiety over her condition for years. So sad. There is safe and taking precaustions, and then there is phobic.
By the way, your hair is still so pretty!

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