Got a job!

Well, I've got a job on March 1st! Not the job I applied for actually, but a job replacing a sick person within the same organisation. So at least for now I'll have my foot in the working world and hope that something more permanent will come along soon. It's always easier to apply when having a job then it is when you don't have one. It's less hours than I hoped, less salary, no compensation for travel costs and no mobile phone, but I will make do. It's not like I have a a ton of people knocking on my door wanting me to work for them!
This picture is of the inside of the building I'll work in. It used to be a bakery, so there used to be all kinds of delicious cookies and cakes placed in the wooden shelves. I like the look of the place, it has a sense of history.
Just knowing that I'll be going to work is giving me an energy boost. I want to make sure I use the next two weeks well as far as fixing up the house goes. I can't wait to have my own room fixed up, so that we can finally put the computer and the second tv where they belong and I can finally add all my pretty colors and doodads. Now it's just a room with a huge pile of boxes in it! Next week we will have a number of people helping us out. Thank goodness for friends!

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Anonymous said...

Congradulations Marit! It Definately is a foot in the door! What kind of organisation is it? And what will you be doing? Curious to hear more about it!

Paul K said...

Hey Marit. I spent a semester in the Netherlands (Zwolle to be specific) my 2nd year in college. Then I took a few classes to try and learn some more of the language. My family is Dutch (immigrating to Canada in the 1950s) so I enjoy having some dutch at my disposal to use with my grandparents. That is where my really horrid attempts at dutch come from.

happy lurking!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Marit!
I am happy for you.

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