I actually took the time to play a game of Elfenland with Tristan tonight. Really, if I wasn't feeling so guilty for neglecting him so much, I might actually feel proud that I managed!
We're not a very gamey family. Usually games are reserved for vacations or an astounding amount of boredom on the kids side. Boredom was the instigator tonight. Herman was watching soccer, Marinda was watching something else and Tristan was tired of the computer.
Playing this game with him made a very homey end to a pretty normal sunday. About the first one since we moved, I think.
We actually got to church and made it through the church service (Marinda became ill last sunday). Came home to the smell of freshly baked bread (thanks to the bread maker). Then we had unexpected guests (which meant that we spent a frantic half hour vacuuming the living room, doing the dishes, and cleaning toilets) and the day is now coming to an end after a game with Tristan.
Onwards and upward to more of these sundays (without the frantic cleaning though).

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Anonymous said...

At least you got your cleaning done in less than your 2 hour time limit. PLUS you had help doing it! *wink
Tell me what 'Elfenland' is? It sounds like a Sci-fi game. Maybe it would be something my son would like.
Missing our emails.
Deb B. --Colorado

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