16 years

16 years is how long Herman and I have been married. Today is our anniversary. Although that is up for discussion as we got married legally on april first and had our church wedding on april third! We always count the third as our "real" wedding day though.
In Holland a church wedding is not considered the legal wedding. So everyone has to have an official wedding ceremony and then add on the religious ceremony of choice. Usually this is done on one day, but we chose two because on the first of april we could get married for free and we wanted to place emphasis on our church wedding.
We organized our wedding by ourselves, made our own invitations, and decided on how we wanted our church service. It was a pretty low-key, low budet affair as I was still studying and Herman had only just started working so money was kind of short! I was so laid back about the whole thing that I even went to school to do an exam on the day between our ceremonies and I had a nap in the car on the way to our photo shoot on the day of our church wedding. My, I have had some people amazed at that! Some other day I will see if I can get some pictures of our young foolish selves posted on here!
One of the good habits that we picked up in the last 16 years is to go away for a weekend every year around our anniversary. So this weekend that is what we will be doing. So far we have gone to a different city in Holland each year, and then we fill our time with a bit of shopping, culture, sleep, food and sex (not neccesarily in that order ;-) ). And on the serious side, we often do a bit of evaluating and making goals for the next year or so.
So it might be silent here for the next couple of days! I will have to see if I can do without blogging (and checking who's lurking!) for a while.

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Anonymous said...

Happy 16th Anniversary!
Have a good time. Enjoy the sex! ;)

Deb B. ~ Colorado

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Marit
I enjoyed reading your blog. Congragulations on your 16th wedding anniversary. That's something to be proud of.

Dori said...

It's Monday night now...you can post again! 16 years--you two couldn't have worn each other out that much! :)

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