Too tired to function

Does anybody else ever get that way? When just the simplest things are overwhelming? I have a lot of that lately. Right now it's the dishes. They're lying there washed and drained and I cannot find the energy to put them away. They are haunting me! And are keeping me from getting anything else done. Or maybe I shouldn't blame the poor dishes but take a good look at little old me who is going through a tough patch when anything at all seems to take too much effort.
Not a very uplifting post, this. And I have been hesitant about posting about this looming feeling of depression because I don't want all kinds of well-meant advice or a pity party. Send me a joke instead!

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Renzo said...

What about letting the kids do the dishes (-:
Cheap labor without guilt!
Keep up the faith didi and before you know it I will come by and give you a massage.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not a jokey kind of person, but am able to send you some energetic vibes... hope you receive them alright.

Dori said...

Read my husband's post from yesterday--he makes fun of me, which always makes for good reading.

Leave the dishes! Go curl up and read.

A Touch of Dutch said...

What a coincedence! On that same date, I felt the same. Seriously! I was told by my huisarts and my mother-in-law this is called voorjaarsmoeheid. Early spring tiredness. So know you are not alone! And the dishes? Dishes smishes ;)

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