I just got a sms (or whatever you call a telefoon message) from my daughter. Translated it says "we're all installed and watching Step Up. Life can't get much better :-)"
It's her first sms from her trip to Italy. Yes, Italy. I admit to great jealousy and envy....
It's a cultural school trip that she's on. 18 hours in a bus and then a week long lightning visit through Tuscany. Lucky, lucky girl! She's going to places I read about in The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone. How cool is that?!?
As she and I pointed out to eachother, she's lucky because she gets to go to France, has been on tour through Hungary and is now going to Italy. I was lucky because I got to see Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Uganda and a couple more non-european countries. Maybe later on in life we'll get to trade. I will culturally explore Europe and she will live somewhere in Africa. Who knows!

currently reading The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve

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Andre Reesink said...

You rule!! i "almost" always really enjoy reading your "mental garbage". Wish i could express myself as easily!
btw its called a text-message.
Love André

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