Movie day

Today is movie day in our residence. It's the first day of the Spring holidays and Marinda has her boyfriend over and Tristan a friend who will stay the night. I watched The Green Mile with Marinda and company and banished the boys upstairs during the watching of it. I didn't think it would be too appropriate and I'm not sure how strict Tristans friend is raised. Didn't want to risk any parental conflicts! So now the boys are hanging on the sofa watching Transformers. From the sounds that are emanating from our surround system, I seriously wonder if this is much better than The Green Mile! But this movie was okayed by Tristans friends mom, so I will let boys be boys. Loud noises of fighting, explosions, sparks shooting, dramatic music and panicked voices... what more can any boy want? I think I will run upstairs though if this volume is kept up!
Herman is stacking dishes, I will go wash them soon, and then maybe catch up on some correspondence I have been neglecting lately.

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