Young Love

I was going to write about how I met Herman, only to find out that I already did so here. So there's no news there! But really I only wanted an excuse to show these cute picture of young love. Aren't we adorable??
The other day Herman dug up our box of photo albums looking for some pictures for his sisters upcoming wedding. I made use of the moment and took a number of pictures of the pictures so I could put them up here on my blog. Looking through them just now, I figured I could make a picture time line and intersperse my usual rantings and ravings with pictures of us through the years. I've even got some wedding shots!
These pictures were first in line. Young love, a couple of months into our relationship, romance blooming, presents and love letters flowing. (I still have most of those letters. Need to read them sometime soon and refresh the memories!).
My, aren't we young? Although Herman was 25 at the time, so not that young really. But anytime I see couples getting married who are just twenty I just really wonder what on earth those children are doing!?! I forget that I was that young as well, and I really thought I knew it all. HAH! Wisdom certainly comes with the years. It gives me shudders to think of Marinda getting married in 5 years time though. I wonder if I'll ever think she's adult enough to get married!

A big thank you for the sympathetic reactions to yesterdays post!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures of you tortle duijfjes!!! Was Herman only 25?? My, my a young couple indeed, and look at the two of you now.. Still together so if that is not a boost my dearie.. Love you and sending over a bit tittie squeeze.

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