Being Social (or is it being sociable?)

I was at the gym today. I don't have any social contacts there yet and it makes it that much more fun to be active if you can have a little social chat every now and again. Now in the last couple of years I have not often bothered to start talking to people without there being a really obvious functional reason for doing so. The last weeks I have bothered. I figure, what the heck, I have nothing to lose and possibly some friendships to gain. And even though a little chat is not lifechanging or thought provoking, it can add a little sparkle to the day.
Today was an example of that. I went to the gym, did my thing, saw a group of ladies sitting around the table having coffee and just planted my sweaty butt down on a chair at the table and started listening in with a smiling face. And then I started participating in the conversation even though I hadn't the faintest clue who these ladies were. Funny thing is, it works! Though really I think it could also be construed as being really rude and nosy (and maybe that really is what all those lovely ladies thought!). Anyway, I figure the next time it will be that much easier to smile and say something low key like "great weather, isn't it!" or something really insightful like "wow, that elliptical really makes you work hard!".
I seem to have gotten over some of my aversion to idle chit-chat

(I spent an age looking for an appropriate picture...... not to be found! )
Currently reading Boy in the Water by Stephen Dobyns.
Just finished reading Roses for Rebecca (yes, I know, the title alone is just sickening!) and
What She Wants by Cathy Kelly (not bad as an author, sweet but not toooooo sweet)

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Good on you Marit!! A talk about the weather accompanied with a smile is better than no talk at all!!

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