Things I did this weekend

I thought I would entertain everybody by listing the things I did this weekend, AFTER spending even more time cleaning the fridge. Which is finally standing in the kitchen still slightly odorous but functioning nevertheless.

So here's my list:
- enjoyed the sunshine
- planted flowers in the garden
- re-potted our indoor plants (is that an english word?)
- washed several loads of italian laundry
- went to Tristans soccer match. He scored a goal and seems to be fully recovered from all the pain that has been plagueing him over the last couple of weeks (BIG HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF)
- used my "new" oven for the first time to make some goodies for my sisterinlaws hen party (and then burned everything to a crisp)
- went to church only to discover that this particular church still doesn't hold much appeal for us.
- visited my sister and family and had our first barbeque of the year. Lise always has the best barbeques!
- discovered I've pretty much read every readable english book in the library here :-(
- planned a number of visits from friends from our old church :-)

I'm looking forward to this coming week of free days, including one of my favorite dutch holidays, the Queens birthday. More on that on April the 30th!

currently reading: magazines borrowed off my sister and a sappy, stupid, silly book in which the poor traumatized lovelorn gorgeous female meets an equally traumatized handsome man in a beautiful romantic setting. After some misunderstandings they discover their love for one another and they live happily ever after........ (though I may be wrong about the ending as I havn't finished reading the book yet).

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Dori said...

Do you need a care package of books? Or you can just come on over and borrow some...I like that idea better!

Elise said...

Oh yeah, I'm over for a visit! It's so on my list of fun things to do. Seriously, a trip to the States to visit friends sounds like a wonderful idea (and the many many books are a great added bonus!)

Dori said...

I'll put the coffee on!

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