Things that go bump in the night

I'm reading The Mist by Stephen King. Maybe I shouldn't be, because I tend to get spooked easily. Some nights when I go up the stairs I end up running the last couple of steps up because I'm scared the bogeyman is after me! So Stephen King might not be a very wise decision. I didn't read him for the longest time out of principle. I didn't like the fact that he wrote so much horror. I like a good thrill, but ever since I "watched" a horror movie when I was a teen (I was actually cowering behind the sofa with my hands over my eyes and ears, I'm really not kidding!) and then ended up not being able to go to sleep without the lights on for weeks afterward, I have an aversion to horror. And I really do think there is an evil world out there and I shouldn't be encouraging it by reading or watching "satanically tinted" books or movies. There, I have spoken!
But then some of my principles have become more watered down lately. There's a fine line between fantasy and horror, demons and fairies, and I have discovered that Stephen King hovers around that fine line as far as my interests are concerned. He writes well, and some of his books are thrillers, not horrors. Not too sure about this one yet, I think it could get pretty creepy and have me scared to look out my windows or to get out of bed to go to the toilet (you never know what may be hiding under your bed!).

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Anonymous said...

I agree about the satanic books & movies. I try to be careful about that too. I know there is a lot out there we should have nothing to do with.

Maybe you should find another book to read. *smile

I always say; 'If In Doubt, DON'T!'

Deb B. ~ Colorado

Dori said...

Stephen King is an amazing word smith--I have really enjoyed several of his books. I do stay away from some though--Pet Cemetery and Kujo--not reading those! I haven't read "The Mist"--I'll have to look that one up. I'm overdue for a library visit anyway!

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