This morning my half-sick hubby and I went to the garden store (or whatever it should be called) to pick up plants. FINALLY! So now I have a ton of plants and empty pots sitting outside waiting for me to get the job done. I'm seriously hoping there will be no more frost at night, otherwise I'll have to haul all the plants back indoors to save them from freezing!
But just the sight of all the plants is a joy. I'm looking forward to looking out my window and seeing some color instead of plain walls and green grass. I am not, however, looking forward to the proces of getting the plants in the pots. I have only just managed to get my nails growing again and I don't want dirt all under them. Yes, silly me. And perhaps is just laziness as well. I want the pleasure of the nice view, but not the hard work of getting it done! I sincerely wish the sun was shining, that might make it a bit easier.
But anyway, I will gird up my loins and get my hands to work and then sit back and enjoy the end result. If it is at all worth making a picture of, I will do so. Funny how many more pictures I take now that I'm blogging!

just finished reading The Russian Concubine by Furnivall
before that I was reading Silent Witness by Simon Tolkein (the grandson of). Very strange to be reading a crime novel by an author whose name is so closely linked to fantasy!

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