Feeling just a tad discouraged today. Tristan possibly has another bleed in his thumb and really sore feet from playing soccer. It's a recurring problem, so I think I'll have to go get some medical advice. Not something I really feel up to as it will mean more medical appointments. Marinda called from Italy with a bad headache, poor girl. I'm feeling bad I can't be there to feed her aspirin and cuddle up to her until she falls asleep. And I had a "grit my teeth and hang on by my fingernails" kind of day despite the fact that the sun actually shone!
So I'll keep this short and hope tomorrow will be better.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry your day has gone so bad. Sounds like your under a lot of stress. A bike ride may do you some good, yes? Take your mind off things, & allow you to enjoy the beautiful things around you. *wink

My day was not good yesterday. The dreaded hormones get me every month. I ended up taking 2 naps. Not at all like me.

You need read a cheery book next! Stay away from the Stephen King!!!


Much love,
Deb B. ~Colorado

Renzo said...

Hang on in there didi!
Big hug and see ya soon.
Renzo bhaai

Big Mama said...

I really hope you are feeling more yourself tomorrow!
I have just come through a bit of a blah time myself, so I feel for you.
By the way, your toilet entry was fascinating..... and funny1 :)

Dori said...

How about you and I just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee together? I'd be right over if I could!

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