The computer is out, so I'm posting this at the library about 10 minutes before the door closes for the day. Being without internet has left me feeling jittery, nervous and restless all day. I think I'm detoxing.....
But we had a good weekend, and did not wear eachother out too much ;-). Actually, I am pretty tired but that's mostly from not sleeping well. I took some pictures of things we saw and have every intention of posting them (some time). Don't hold your breath waiting, as it might take a while for us to get up and running again with the computer. But who knows? Maybe my brother in law, who is at this moment in our house working on the thing, will get it to work.
This week is my first week of working 20 hours instead of 16. I hope the 3 day work week will be easier than 2. That sounds strange, but to me it's a lot easier to balance things out this way. Though I'm feeling so tired lately, that all I want to do a lot of the time is dig a hole and go into hibernation.

I'll tell you something else. Writing down what I'm reading has made me a more critical reader. I was looking at books today and turned down a few just because it would embaress me to write down the sappy titles on this blog! Isn't that aweful? Making my life public has its consequences!
Writing in this unfamiliar setting with the clock ticking is destroying my creativitity. So you'll just have to live with the randomness of what I have written down. I sincerely hope to get back online at home soon! But if you don't hear anything, then you know the reason why. If you feel like writing, please do though. I will check in at the library and at work and look forward to all your many messages :-)

currently reading: something too shamefully sappy to write down. And I have a good excuse for not writing the title. I don't have the book here, so I can't remember (or maybe I don't want to!)

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