Yes, toilets. Why toilets? Because the way dutch toilets are is totally typical and weird when you think about it.
When you step into a dutch house, the first door on your left or right is the toilet door. What on earth made anybody think that that is practical? I for one do not like to be welcomed into someone's house with the smell of their latest toilet production....
Then the size. Dutch toilets are tiny. Any larger american would not fit. Seriously. If you sit and lean forward too far you hit your head on the teeny tiny sink that's stuck in the corner. (that is, if there is a sink, sometimes there is no sink!).
Many houses have only one toilet. We luckily have two, thanks to my handy husband.
And last but not least, the soundproofness. Or lack of it. At work it is quite humiliating to be sitting on the toilet (in this case located in a small narrow hallway) and hear your boss talking on the phone in the room next door. I used her office once, and believe me, she can hear every tinkle!! Or if we sit outside for lunch, I hear my colleague's sighs of relief from the open toilet window.
Charming, isn't it!!

Please do come and visit!

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Anonymous said...

I have mastered the art of peeing silently, if you want tips.... let me know :)

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