Today I told my boss that I would not be working the extra hours they offered me. And that after only trying it for one week! But this morning a colleague came up to me and asked how it was going with a couple of PR things and I realized that I would never be able to do everything that they ask in the time that is now given me. I'm just too harried trying to get my regular work done and don't need the extra pressure of PR deadlines. So I went to the boss and wept and apologized and then felt a huge load lift off my shoulders.
This week has made me realize how much time and effort it takes to be fully informed for the kind of job I'm doing. I need to know the city and all the relevant organisations in order to do my work well, and that just takes a stunning amount of time. I forgot how easy it is to get things done when you know exactly who you need to talk to. And now I have to figure that all out because everything is new. I feel like I've landed in another country, it's almost like a culture shock. Except everybody speaks the same language......
This is a picture of the back of the building where I work. In the lower middle part of the picture are two white windows rectangles behind which I work. In case you want to drop by or something. And though it may look like I work in a church, it's actually across the street on the other side. But it's gorgeous inside, as you can see!

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