I like this picture because it pretty accurately portrays the amount of bicycles you can find in any city or town in Holland. And these bikes are "parked" pretty decently. Go outside the train station of any big city and you will see bicycles piled up like trash to anywhere within a kilometer circumference of the building. I always wonder how people find their bikes back! There's a lot of bicycle stealing, with insurance for the bikes being a lot higher in some places than others. I went to school with a girl who thought it to be quite normal to steal someone elses bike when her own was gone.
Without a bike, one can be quite alienated! That's why I keep putting off having my bike checked, who knows how long I'll have to do without, as it's rattling and the gears are all out of whack.
Another dutch thing. Kids get bike and traffic lessons at school. Next week Tristan will have to make a 5 km bike ride through the town and will be judged if his bike is up to standard, and if he's obeying the traffic rules. I'm afraid he's going to get lost, as it's not a route that he's ever done before!

currently reading: Nothing! I'm all out of non serious books and have no desire whatsoever to read anything "heavy".

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed you blog today. Bikes are such a rare thing in our parts of the U.S. Trucks & SUV's are the post popular.

I went to the library yesterday. I am starting a book 'A gathering of angels'...seems sappy so I may not like it.

Then also a series of thrillers, 'Danger in the shadows' (the O'malley series) I will probably like them better.

Sent you a short email, no other news.

Deb B. ~Colorado

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