Monday Monday

Marinda is off to school. She's got exams this week, so she's really been doing her best to get some good grades. If she does well she'll probably be able to pass this school year. So I hope it works for her!
Tristan is another story. It's driving me to desperation. He's never been sick, aside from his hemofilia. But the last couple of weeks have been terribly with him feeling sickly a lot of the time with vague complaints of headaches, stomaches, lack of sleep and so forth and so on. And I can't figure out if there's really something physically wrong, or if he's not doing well at school, or if the move is affecting him or ..... I have to push and shove to get him out of bed a lot of mornings and if there's one way to get the day of to a brilliant terrific positive start, then that certainly is the way.... I'm not a morning person.
So here I am, on monday morning. Part of me is happy that I havn't started working on mondays yet so Tristan can stay at home and get some more sleep. Most of me is not knowing how to cope with this situation.

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