Interview with my dad

When I was in fourth or fifth grade the teacher had a habit of inviting parents to the class so that we could interview them. We then had to write down the interview. This is what I wrote when my dad came.

October 29, 1980

An interview with Mr. Dad

Mr. Dad is a physiotherapist. He works at A.L.E.R.T. He exercises with his patients. He goes on field trips to villages to prevent leprosy. He has one son and three daughters. His first name is Wim. His wifes name is Mariet. He likes his job a lot. His favorite food is from Holland. His favorite colors are pink and purple. He liked Norway the best of all the countries he went to. He went to seven countries in Europe. The disease of leprosy is not harmful. His favorite fruit is mango. His favorite sports are soccer and tennis. His least favorite sport is mountaineering. I am his oldest daughter.

I read a couple of the other interviews I wrote back then and to my surprise I am in contact with most of the people whose parents I wrote about! And all of that thanks to Facebook.
Reading through my little book and the pleasure it gives me is one of the reasons I save school stuff for my kids. I want them to be able to hold on to something that they made when they were small.

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Dori said...

My mom has saved every single letter I sent from RVA. Most had something to do with the vile food!

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