I just opened my blog, saw my last post, and decided I'd better write another pretty quickly to cover that one up.... I think pathetic would be a good description of my state of mind when I wrote it! But a big thank you to those who decided to ignore my patheticalness and write that you love me anyways!!
It's friday morning, I'm sitting in my bathrobe again trying to work up the energy to get myself dressed and in action. I excuse myself by telling myself that I have already done something by checking the internet to find a hotel for our 16 year wedding anniversary (coming up in April). The kids are out the door, dressed and in their right minds. I had a busy day yesterday, so I'm allowed to lounge around in my bathrobe, right?!? But still, all my logic still doesn't assuage the guilt. (I have a fast link to the dictionary to check out the spelling on my more complicated words. Assuage is a lovely one, isn't it?)
There's not much to write about right now. I'm going to make a list of smart, lively, intelligent, witty, unique, in-depth subjects that I will write about the next coming days.
Suggestions anyone?

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Anonymous said...

From one pathetic soul to another,
It's okay to vent & let it all hang out now & then. We all get lonely & need to know we are loved.
Hope you have a lovely weekend. Hope Marinda is over her illness & Tristan is up feeling like himself, playing soccer too. ;)
Have you found a church yet?
How is the new job going? Meet any new, interesting people?

Deb B. ~ Colorado

Big Mama said...

LOL! I have been away, so sorry for missing out on commiserating with you! I am having a bit of a down week too. Though in my case it is PMS!!!!
Hope Tristan is feeling much better by now!
Take care.

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