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Much to my surpise and terror, I got offered a couple more hours of work at my new job. The terror is due to the nature of the extra hours. Their Public Relations person decided to quit her job so they're left with a lot of stuff that needs to be done. Despite their questions about my dutch language abilities, they have asked me to fulfill that position (besides which it's also cheaper to have me do it than find someone else on short notice!). Kind of scary though! I like writing, am also pretty good at presenting stuff to people but it kind of worries me to have the final responsiblity on newspaper articles, websites and other stuff. I'm leaning toward taking it on though. It's an opportunity to try things out and I could do it for a trial period as well. It would also mean a more pleasant work rhythm for me. Two days is just really short to do a good job. So if I can spread my time over 3 days then I'll have more time to stay in the flow of things instead of feeling I have to re-start my job every week. And it's extra income, always welcome after this period of joblessness!

currently reading: Breathing Lessons by Anne Tyler
(stayed up late last night reading Prizes by Erich Segal)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good thing for you. Congrats!

Deb B. ~ Colorado

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