A little pang

I went to the library today with Tristan. He is not usually a reader, but has to do a book report for school, so what better opportunity? While in the library I gently tried to steer him towards the Chronicles of Narnia. He didn't go for it. And that gave me a pang. I've given up getting Marinda interested in the books I used to read (and sometimes still do). Like the Chronicles of Narnia, Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prarie. I know it's utterly impossible to get Tristan interested in Anne or Little House, but maybe, just maybe he would be interested in the Narnia books? Helaas, helaas as they say here (it means unfortunately, unfortunately) I couldn't tempt him enough. Instead he went for a book about two kids and a german shepherd dog who get into exciting adventures with diamond thieves.
It gives me pang because there's not much of my youth that I can share with my kids and books have been such an important part of it. A lot of my memories include loving books, and books influencing the way I think and feel. The books I mentioned above are an integral part of me growing up and have helped form my character. Writing it down like that makes it almost sound ridiculous. Oh well....
I'm consoling myself that sometimes, in a hopefully far future, I may have grandchildren that I'll be able to pass my book loves on to!

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Dori said...

That's so sad...those were/are some of my favorite books too! I just re-read Narnia not too long ago. Sigh. They'll come around. Maybe.

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