Frustration oozing out of every pore

It's 10.15 p.m. I still have to iron some clothes for my first day of work tomorrow. I spent the day picking up Marinda from my brothers place, (got lost on the way due to the wonderful navigator crashing down), picking up Tristans coat from my sisters place (he left it there last time we went to visit), going to an awefully boring church service, cooking, doing laundry, doing dishes, cleaning up after everybody and hearing the kids whine about how much work we make them do (as if!!). I'm nervous about work tomorrow, I am angry at myself for not fitting my clothes, tired of Herman being tired and I didn't get enough sleep. And I forgot to inject Tristan which means I have to get up extra early to do it tomorrow morning.
So no wonder frustration is oozing out of every pore. I came back from bringing back my father in laws car (was so pissed at myself for leaving it until this late!). I saw the trampoline and decided to have a nice long jump on it. I did, and even enjoyed it, but unfortunately I didn't manage to jump away my frustrations. I don't think ironing away will work either, but I still have to do it! This is the end of my frustrated tirade.... GOODNIGHT!

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Anonymous said...

How did your 1st day of work go?
You feeling better? Still frustrated???

Deb B.~ Colorado

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