Night terrors

You ever notice how things seem so much worse at night? It was storming awefully last night, I woke up because of it. Hail and thunder and wind whistling around the house. I woke up so much I started worrying instead of sleeping. And worrying at night is never smart because things get so out of proportion.
Last night I worried about Tristan, who is now on his way to Amsterdam to be on a kids tv show (it will be broadcast live, so I get to see him in action. That is, if they bother to point the camera his way!). So I worried the car would crash, he would fall off the bleachers, a camera would hit his head. I worried that they wouldn't let him wear his bandana, his SOS bracelet would get lost, and that he wouldn't make it back safely. Finally I fell back asleep and woke up this morning wondering what on earth was I doing all that worrying for?
I did send him on his way with some extra meds though, and handed him over to a mom that I thought looked responsible. He should have the time of his life being on tv. Always fun to get a look behind the scenes!

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Anonymous said...

when is he airing??

Elise said...

this morning! it's live, so it's already over and done with. I saw a couple of glimpses of him on tv. Funny to see him on the tv while I was at home!

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