Every evening there's a news program for kids on the tv. Headlines made simple, and some fun information thrown in. Today the fun was about an artist who makes "art" out of poop. Yep, that's right. Not only did he make art out of poop, he also got a chance to show his "art" in a gallery. He walked around the gallery telling the viewers which poop belonged to his wife, daughter and son. The poop was encased in seethrough plexiglas, placed on plates, or formed into pie pieces.
Now I am writing all of this down rather factually, but let me tell you I don't feel very factual about it! Deep down I find it disgusting, in more ways than one considering the nature of his art, that anything as silly as this can be labeled as art and is taken seriously in any way at all!
My brother is an artist, no questions asked! And yet he gets no media attention and has to struggle to survive as an artist. Yet somebody who plastifies poop is deemed worthy of mentioning on the kids news...
What on earth is this country coming to!!

I'm going to add what I'm reading to my posts from now on. Keeps you and me informed about my "intelligent" reading habits (ha!)!

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Renzo said...

Hey Didi,
I heard about his poop artist and I am like yourself disgusted. Literally he is shitting on one of the most valuable things, art.
Thanks for mentioning me in your blog (-:
Love you,

Anonymous said...

*laughing @ Renzo's comment.
I just have to say, I agree with you both.

Deb B. ~ Colorado

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