Read this the other day:

"We mothers are a sorry lot. No matter what we do or don't do, our children find fault with us. We either do something to soon or not soon enough."

Agree or disagree?

currently reading: Dead Sleep by Greg Iles

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Anonymous said...

DISagree. My children don't seem to feel that way at all. Even our 13 1/2 yr old seems thankful, & appreciates thing's I do. And when I do them.
I teach our children to find the positive in everyone, even when it is hard. Everyone has a 'fault' but it is certainly rude & disrespectful for a child to voice that to his elders &/or parents.

Dori said...

Fortunately my children are too young to hate me! I'm sure they'll figure it out soon enough. I know my own mother feels like she failed me on so many levels. A shame, really, since to me she's my ideal mom.

However, excellent book choice. I really enjoy Greg Iles!

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