Called the hospital this morning, because Tristans arm still hurt. Then we had to go to the hospital, because they wanted to check it out. And this time they did find a little fracture. So he's got his arm in a splint with a bright green bandage around it. He doesn't mind at all. And aside from the fact that we had to spend 3 HOURS in the waiting room (which was located in the basement, with no fresh air) I don't mind either. Too bad we pumped him full of his clotting factor though. Could have saved our medical insurance quite a number of euros by not having to do that!
We've had plenty of hospital experience with Tristan. 4 operations will do the trick! And again I was affirmed in my feeling that as a mom, in a hospital, you have to keep an eagle eye on things. Keep the ears and the eyes open, because a lot of hassle can be prevented that way. Mommies really do know best in a lot of situations!! I'm often grateful for my love of reading "Where there is no doctor" as a kid, and for the fact that I worked in a hospital for a while.
It was weird to be back in that hospital because I worked there for a number of years as a secretary on the radiology department. I even saw one of the doctors I used to work for and I saw a work schedule hanging up which looked exactly the same as when I used to work there. Funny to see how things stay the same when you've moved on so far as a person!

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Praying for you Tristan.

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