Good and bad habits

Can somebody tell me why it's so easy to keep up bad habits and so darned hard to start good ones? Even when you KNOW that the good things really are good, feel good, make you feel better, and lead to a longer and more satisfactory life??
I went to the gym today and rediscoverd how good it feels to get my body going again. Yeah for me!! But why, why, why did it take two months for me to reach this point? Really, I am the most frustrating person I know.
Anyway, it felt good, and I have now committed myself to this gym (meaning that I now have to pay my monthly dues. And if that isn't an incentive, then.....). I aim to go twice a week. Once to do the cardio and weight stuff, and once to do the slow motion concentrated Pilates stuff.
It feels real good to get more good habits going on my life again!
( I have used the word good way to many times in this short post. Please forgive my lack of creativity!)

currently reading: Vets might fly by James Herriot

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