Nobody loves me

Nobody loves me is what I half jokingly say when I don't have any messages on my cell phone, or no e-mails. Half jokingly indeed, because part of me feels neglected when there's no signs of life from the outside world. And why this subject today? Well..... NOBODY SENT SYMPATHETIC MESSAGES AFTER MY POST YESTERDAY!! Poor me, poor Tristan :-(
Nobody loves us!
Sadly enough, I'm only half joking. I'm seriously feeling just a tad sad....
So will somebody please add a comment to this post to reassure me?
Thanks so much!!

(I dread to think nobody will. Oh dear, what have I got myself into by writing this down!!)

currently reading I am the Clay by Chaim Potok

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Anonymous said...

My dearest sweatest friend Marit,
I read yesterday's post, & knew in my gut I should reply but for some reason maybe laziness, I didn't. Part of me thought one of your siblings would. I am truly sorry. And I DO pray Tristan is feeling better. And he won't have to get so many shots.
And Just So You Know: 'I will love you till the ocean wears pants to keep it's bottom dry!'

Deb B. ~ Colorado

P.S., Thank you for reading my blogs too. (I think your the only one who does)

Anonymous said...

You dingbat!!!! You were working yesterday, so I didnt dare disturb you!! But as always you were on my mind, and Tristan of course.
Love you dear.

Renzo said...

I love you!

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