Good morning world!

In my bathrobe, mascara smeared under my eyes (I have yet to master the art of removing my makeup before I go to bed!), eating bread with fruit sprinkles, coffee close by, kids out the door (Marinda forgot her lunch AGAIN!), blue sky, watching the neighborhood awake, reading mail, reading blogs. Time to make a list of things to do today! One of which should surely be going outside and getting some of that sun. I will write it down right now, that will help me to really do it. (Seriously, I just stood up, got a pen, and wrote down "go outside" on my list).
My head still aches from dreams about getting caught in underwater caves and not being able to breathe. What kind of symbolism is involved there??
On my list for today:
- going outside
- cooking some kind of indian food (with the help of a package, shame on me)
- a little bit of shopping
- if I can at all manage to get some willpower... sign up at a gym
- loads of laundry
- dishes
- reading (a book by Kathy Reichs at this moment)
- going to the library to see if they have season 3 of Lost
- answering e-mail
- and whatever else comes on my path

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