Flying Leap

Tristan took a flying leap off the trampoline on to the ground today, resulting in a badly sprained arm which with him means a pretty bad bleed. So the afternoon was focussed on injecting him, going to the doctor, then going to the hospital for x-rays, and then back home and injecting him again. He's now moaning in pain, so I'm not sure how much sleep we will get tonight! Poor guy thought he'd follow the example his friend set. I hope he's not cured of the trampoline for good as it's a great thing as long as you kind of behave yourself. But for now it means no soccer and a lot of extra injections to get the bleed controlled.
So I'm off to get him to bed and as comfortable as possible. And then off to bed myself as well. I find incidents like this very draining on my energy levels.

currently reading Cradle and All by James Patterson

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