I read a book today by Nora Roberts ( River's End). About three pages into it I figured out "whodunnit". I kid you not. And yet I finished reading the entire book! Couldn't work up the energy to check the last page to see if I was right, so I just continued right into it. And then got all bothered about the totally unrealistic sex scenes going on in it. My goodness gracious me. I don't know about you but nothing like that goes on in my life! I don't think it's humanly possible to live up to that kind of standard ;-).
Though as teenager books like these just fed my romantic soul with all kinds of illusions. I read a book about that too, called The Cinderella Syndrome. It was a good book about how often women are fed a lot of drivel and get unrealistic expectations about what romance and relationships are all about. The subtitle is "don't poison your future with fairy tale thinking". There is a lot to be said for being realistic, after all that is what we deal with every day!
Or does someone out there have a fairy tale relationship and a sex life that is up to "romance novel" standards?

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Anonymous said...

HA! Live up to those! Are you kidding me! lol

Deb B. ~ Colorado

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