Today I took a break from work to go shopping. An illegal break, but the sun was shining and I couldn't concentrate anymore so I thought "what the heck!".
I headed off to Miss Etam because I had missed that store on thursday in Utrecht. And it really is the ultimate store for when you feel overweight and tacky. Practically everthing is available in the right size, wrong shape for a low price. NOT a classy store, I repeat NOT a classy store. But very easy nevertheless. I had high hopes of being able to find some blouses. And find them I did. Like, 12 of them. And then I went into the changing room and manhandled myself into them. And ALL of them, I repeat ALL of them DIDN'T FIT!! Thunderation and Tarnation!!!!!
Nothing gets me grouchy as quickly as shopping, and nothing will get me even more grouchy then finding out that NOTHING FITS!! I must have a weird body shape. Because if it fit over my chest, then it was too tight around my stomach. Or too tight around my arms and then too loose around my waist. Every imaginable combination of bad-fitting that can be found. AARRRGGGG!!!

(this shirt was too wide around the neckline and too tight around my stomach)

Here I was, looking for a quick shopping fix. But no such luck.
This leaves me with two options. Either I hit the even cheaper stores (like Zeeman), the ones that don't even have changing rooms (and surprisingly enough, I often manage to find something there!) or I'll have to upgrade and spend more money........

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Anonymous said...

Let's go shopping together dear, then we can have a good laugh!!!
Love you,

A Touch of Dutch said...

Frustrating, isn't it? I know about the odd body shape and am cursed with this as well.

Zeeman is great, isn't it? I found a top at Zeeman which surprised me because I liked it, bought it without trying it on, and then found at home it was a perfect fit! Only €5!

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