Old friends

Yesterday I finally got around to unpacking the 15 or so boxes of books that have been laying around in our attic. It was actually a quite a joyous occassion! See, one of the new things in this house is "my" room. It's our fourth bedroom/guest room/office, but I have the honor of claiming it as mine. I get to decorate it the way I see fit. Now if you think that that is no big deal, let me tell you, that to me it is! As I have written before, Herman and I are very different. Decorating therefore also becomes a compromise between his taste and mine. In "my" room, there is no compromise! YEAHHHH!! Though it's far from being done, just unpacking boxes of my books and arranging them in the room made it feel more mine. As well as finding and placing these: they are like old friends......

I made this lady when I was in RVA. She's travelled with me to every house since then.

I like to mess around with clay every once in a while. It's often very therapeutic. So a lot of my stuff has a story. I won't tell you the stories around these. If you want to hear them, come by and ask! And my stuff is often three dimensional, so I have front and backs of these.


And last but not least: this little fellow. I got him on my first birthday, and as you can tell, he has had some hard lovin'.

I'm getting a real kick out of seeing my room come to life!

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Chaotic Joy said...

You work is lovely. I especially loved the last piece you showed. What a dream to have a whole room to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hey Luv.
I would love to find some of my 'old friends'. I keep track of this one certain box each time we move. It has some of my most recently purchased books that I haven't read yet. Though I have boxes and boxes one's I haven't read. My mamma bought them for me yrs ago. Seems there is never enough time to read them all. :(

I loved your art work. I really, really did. I think it was 5,6, & 7 (though 6 & 7 are the same piece I think) are my favorites. The piece with a body inside the box is beautiful!

Deb B. ~ Colorado

Anonymous said...

Hey didi,
Good on ya, look forward to seeing your new space and some color!

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