Snap Judgements

I, like many, am excellent at making snap judgements.
Today I biked home and came across a girl skating towards me wearing a dressy type skirt with a purse hanging over her shoulder. My instant judgement was "that looks totally stupid". And then I thought "wait a minute, this might actually be pretty brave!". See, we live in a pretty conservative area of Holland. On sundays you can see hundreds of women/girls headed to church wearing skirts and hats with their hair in buns. On weekdays you can identify this group by the length of their skirts (absolutely no pants allowed!) and the length of their hair. So, what if this girl belongs to this church, but really likes to skate? Well then, you skate with your skirt and your purse hanging over your shoulder. You go girl!! Who am I to judge her??
And then another incident. I thought my colleagues were a pretty normal and traditional group of people. But, my, did I have a shock the other day when I heard just a tiny bit about the sex life of one of my colleagues. Goodness gracious me, I had to gulp and rethink my "boring colleagues" judgement!!
Just goes to show that looks can be deceiving....
Wonder what they think of me???

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Vernette said...

See Maria that's what I always think to myself: what are they thinking about me?

Cuz everybody is somebody else's weirdo!!!

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