Friendly but reserved

This is what I wrote this morning:

Yesterday we went to our old church for a visit. We were welcomed with open arms mostly, and kind of ignored by a few. On the way over there I was thinking of ways to typify the people here in our new town and came up with friendly but reserved. I think that just about sums it up. People will smile, they will talk to me and they are friendly, but that's where it stops. There are no friendly advances as of yet. I get the feeling that maybe it will take 5 years or so for people to open up and welcome me into their home, let alone welcome me into their heart!
I've grown up with parents who were are hospitable. People were always welcome to come over for coffee, dinner or just a chat. I like that and try to implement the same sense of hospitality in my house. We've often had people over, sometimes even for weeks at a time. For me inviting somebody over for coffee doesn't mean that I'm inviting them to be my BFF! I think here it implies more. So I guess people become more reserved and watch and wait and see before making friendly advances. Meanwhile, I'm getting impatient!

12 hours later:

On my way to the gym this morning, after writing what you just read, I saw somebody I kind of know. The thought passed through my mind to just wave and bike on, but instead I stopped for a talk. And a friendly advance was made. More than a friendly advance actually. A couple of minutes into the talk we were hugging each other with tears in our eyes!

Sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways.

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Dori said...

Just taking a break from home improvement and thought I'd stop by for a chat. :) And coffee...have any ready?

And you used "BFF", I'm so proud! :D

Even after 5 years here, I still feel on the outside. There's a "friendly yet reserved" feeling here too.

Elise said...

Coffee ready in a jiffy. Milk and sugar?

Anonymous said...

I get the 'friendly, yet reserved' feel here too. People seem to just go so far, then step back as if to say, THIS is our boundary.
I would certainly love to have some close friends, even a kindred spirit.

I often wonder why so many keep others at a 'safe' distance, & don't even attempt to get to know one another & bond?!

To me, people in church are far worse. They stare & keep an eye on you, trying to figure you out, as if you may be up to some sort of mischief.

Deb B. ~Colorado
(still alive & kickin')

thatcoolbroad said...

Good for you for taking the first step! It's hard to put yourself out there sometimes but it's worth it when a connection is made. Just keep smiling that great smile of yours:)

Oh, and I just tagged you for a meme.


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