Just a moment in time

It's 20.35. It's been a luke-warm kind of day. Herman is pounding little bricks into the ground to make a patio kind of place. I can hear the squeak of the trampoline springs as Tristan and the neighbor boy jump up and down. Marinda just came by to give me a hug. She's sporting her new sweatshirt with Carrie Dance Productions written on it. That's her dance school. She just flirted with the neighbor boys brother who came driving by on a scooter. My dishes are steaming on the sink, the water is waiting for more dishes to be cleaned. The sun is still shining with that soft warm light that comes late in the evening.
I guess the right word would be contentment.


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Leigh Russell said...

Sounds like a perfect day - husband usefully occupied (well done!), son happily active, daughter flirting with boys but hugging you - happy days. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Contentment....well it's about time! Nottttt that I have any room to talk here! ha!
But I am happy for you! Feel's good doesn't it?!!

Deb B.

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