Unexpected encounter

Leaning over the pile of books in the secondhand store, I unexpectedly encountered a fellow english book lover. We ended up having a 20 minute conversation about books, living in my town and how we got where we are. And we exchanged adresses so that we can also exchange books at some point in time. Well, hey! It looks like I may have made a friend of sorts!
We got on the subject of bookcrossing.com. It's a cool system of sharing books! The point is to launch a book after registering it on the bookcrossing site. You leave a sticker or bookmark in the book. The next reader to pick up the book can log in on the bookcrossing site and then you can follow the books travels. I picked one up once in Houten and got a real kick out of it. It's nice to think of books being shared around the world in all kinds of different ways. There's a lot more possibilities with the whole bookcrossing concept. Make sure to take a peek if you love books and reading!

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Vernette said...

much food for thought, you have me wondering if there are people in Trinidad where I live doing this book crossing thing as well.

Dori said...

I'm so glad you've found someone to share English books with!! Read on!

Vernette said...

there is only one registered Trini on the site...I'm going to be second!!! lol!!

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