Our first home

After we got married (and for a little while before), Herman and I lived in this lovely villa. The outside was gorgeous, as you can see. The inside was decorated in our wonderfully unique style. We had no money to speak of and no clue as to how long we would be living there so we didn't bother painting the smokestained walls, or replacing the worn out carpets. Instead we threw in every bit of junk we had, picked furniture up off the street, and made do with what we had! This second picture is the end result of that huge effort. Isn't it fantastic in its orginality? The wall decorations were made by me at school while studying art therapy. The couch came from a friend in Belgium and was so uncomfortable we hardly ever sat on it. The chairs were almost as bad. We slept on matrasses on the floor. But we had a good time anyway!
Then, just before we got married, we got a chance to buy pretty much everything we needed in one go from somebody who was changing practically everything in their house. When we came back from our "honeymoon" our house was finally furnished with something approaching good taste. That was just lovely. Marinda was born in this house. Later, after we moved out, our family doctor moved in. Whenever I went for a checkup I would sit in the waiting room on almost exactly the same spot as where Marinda was born. This house is probably the closest we will ever come to living large!

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