A man

A man made a pass at me today.

I must pause to let that sink in again....

This is what happened: I was in the store when a man came up to me and told me I looked like his dutch teacher from the back. But I looked much nicer up front. And I had a beautiful face, she didn't. And a minute later he wondered if there was another dissimilarity with her. She was married, was I? I told him I was. He said that was really too bad and then left, never to be seen again.

My, my, my... I can't tell you the last time somebody made such a blatant pass at me! It's totally not a dutch thing to do (and this man was definately not dutch!). So I smiled and felt supremely flattered. And about half an hour later, much to my dismay, I found myself thinking of 100 reasons why this man was a con artist, a cheat, somebody looking for a "green card" for Holland, anything but accepting the thought that maybe, just maybe, he might really have found me attractive. Instead of keeping my smile, and walking that little bit taller, and feeling like a cute bit of motherhood I convinced myself that he didn't mean a word he said. And isn't that just too bad? All those negative thoughts, such a waste of time! So maybe he wasn't sincere. WHO CARES! He made me feel pretty good for a while!!


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Anonymous said...

I would have loved to witnessed that!!!

Dori said...

Aren't most men con artists to some degree?! :D

I'd still take the compliment! He did sound a little creepy though--after the first compliment, I'd have been--thanks, that's quite enough!

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