I have been looking into sugar addiction and considering a sugar-free diet. Maybe that's just a fancy way for me to say that I can't control my eating. Calling it an addiction sounds so much more interesting and complicated, doesn't it?!? I can't help but feel really sad to think of spending days and days (not to mention weeks and weeks) sugar-free though. Like today for example. I baked brownies. Now how can I bake brownies and not eat them? If I had that kind of willpower I would not be overweight! But I have tried sugar-free before and have reaped the benefits and weight loss is only one of them. When I eat healthily I have less PMS, am less moody (though I'm not sure if that's due to diet or due to the fact that I'm so glad to be losing weight!), and I feel more energy. And I feel less compulsive about eating. I hate it when I walk around driven by appetite and am seemingly unable to control it.
So I will brood on this sugar free option some more and possibly give it a try. As you can tell, it may take a while............

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Dori said...

When I was cut off from sugar with this last pregnancy I learned all sorts of ways to get my "sweet fix" without the sugar! I used 100% juice concentrate to sweeten baked goodies--never tried it with brownies though so I don't know how that'd turn out, but cookies and muffins turned out yummy and guilt free!

I even managed to find an organic chocolate bar that was sweetened with beet sugar and it was *really* good--either that or I was really desperate!

Just don't cut yourself off completely--that's what always leads to the binge eating. Geez, now I sound like Dr. Phil! :D

Good luck! And don't be so hard on yourself! After seeing how fantastic you looked in that red dress you really shouldn't be this hung up on how you look!!!

Cheryl said...

I just started reading blogs and this is my "first time" responding to I may not follow the acceptable standard, hmm.

I have always had to watch my weight and know about those cravings etc. The last few years I have gotten caught up in a few crazy diets and have lost some common sense resulting in a larger bottom etc.

I am now returning to my old, lighter weight and I think I have found a very common sense way to do it. This author had a short series on the Discovery Channel here in the states and although his book is not sold in the the states I was able to buy it through a small vendor on

If you are interested, you need to get the book for all the information but here is his four golden rules - VERY simple but I have found it has been a learning experince because I have never considered if I am hungry - just when I can eat and how much. I believe we have really messed ourselves up by not just listening to our own bodies - we have a good system here.

Ok here are the four rules (I assume I am allowed to write this?):
1. When you are hungry EAT.
(You need to know the different levels of hunger - be tuned into how you feel all in his book)

2. Eat what you want, not what you think you should (remember you will be eating because you are hungry - not out of emotion etc)

3. Eat CONSCIOUSLY and enjoy every minute of it (not in front of the TV, while reading, driving etc). We limit our food and then when we do eat we don't focus on it.

4. When you think you are full, STOP eating. (pleasantly full not stuffed etc).

There is a lot more in this short and easy to read book. The book is: I can make you Thin by Paul McKenna.

I am only half way through the book but it really does make sense to me and I am learning to tell when I am hungry - not as often as I thought. With this practice you can eat your brownie after you finish your meal - nothing is forbidden.

Ok there is one other entry I wanted to comment on then I must get to my to do list. Thanks.

Elise said...

Cheryl, thanks for the comment! You know I've read these tips before in a book called the Weigh Down Diet. In that book your relationship with God is also mentioned as a big "empty feeling filler". Can't remember the author. The tips really do make a lot of sense!!

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