"What should I cook?" is a question I regularly ask myself. Tonight I had a hankering for tuna spaghetti (tuna, anchovies, olive oil, garlic and fresh basil... who couldn't like that??), but I knew I wouldn't be doing my kids a favor. So I cooked two meals. Crazy me. Though both are easy. Macaroni with cheese and bacon bits (real cheese, real bacon) and salad for all of us on the side. I didn't hear any complaints, thank goodness!

I have been watching my food intake for a week. Wow, a week! Here's to the next week.

Oh, and by the way... did I happen to mention that I will be going to London for a day next week?!?

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Francine said...

Have fun in London. What day are you going?

Elise said...

tuesday it is!
your photographs were a wonderful "opwarmertje"!

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