The power of the blogosphere

Today I've been struck by the power of the blogosphere.
A couple of weeks ago I was utterly amazed at the overflow of love and money when one blogger started giving away a certain toy. It started off with a small gift that turned into many! I was struck then by the positive power of the blogosphere, the willingness of people to participate in a spontaneous act of goodness and increase it.
Today I was stuck by the other side. Another blogger was very (understandably) furious at a family betrayal. But I was shocked by the virulent hatred that I felt in her posts and even more shocked by the hateful comments made by her readers. Readers who do not know her family. Comments along the lines of "I'll smash his face in when I see this person". It made my stomach turn.
Maybe it's because I can't help but wonder why this family member was driven to his act. That must be one damaged person. Maybe I am more saddened than angry that there can be such a lack of trust and safety within a family.
I'm deliberately not linking to either of the two bloggers. I don't think it would serve any purpose to feed into the second negative situation, and the first has already received a lot of positive attention.
I am still pondering on the wisdom of placing a comment of my own in reply to the second situation. I think I might be scared of the repercussions it may have. But something in me is nagging at me to do something.
Maybe this post is that "something".

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thatcoolbroad said...

I DO find it interesting that people can leave such angry comments...sometimes even on posts that are pretty innocuous. It does highlight the fact that we really don't know who's on the other end of the computer sometimes, do we?

thatcoolbroad said...

Yay! English! But I was doing pretty well leaving comments even though I had no idea what anything on the comment page was saying to me...don't you think? :)

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