This time

This time this message is reaching you from my office. Where I have decided to linger a little bit longer in order to make use of some internet time. The windows and shutters are closed and silence prevails.
Last week I had dinner with colleagues, a goodbye dinner for our director. During the dinner conversation the work atmosphere came up. I mentioned something along the lines of not feeling quite at home. Nobody responded to my comment at that moment, but today a colleague did. Leading to an interesting conversation about the whys and why nots of my feeling at home here. Both of us couldn't quite figure out what the deal was BUT it's just good to have unspoken thoughts spoken, and to have at least told somebody about how I feel. Besides that emotional moment (I get teary eyed over everything right now) there was another this morning when I ended up talking about how sick Herman is. More tears and also sympathy.
Some good may just come out of all this bad!

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