One of those days

It was one of those days when nothing quite goes like you've planned. Couldn't get the kids up, had to really drag them out of bed. Then couldn't get myself up and moving. By the time I had mentally prepared myself for at least an attempt at housework one of my new friends popped by for coffee (which was just a great excuse for sitting down again and having a nice chat and letting all mental preparation flit away!).
Followed by lots of standing around, sitting down, taking a couple of steps, looking at dust, sighing a little, preparing some soapy water only to let it cool, aimless meandering around the house type of activitity. Which then led to an afternoon filled with driving back and forth to pick up broken bicycles, getting a present for my sister in law, birthday visit to aforementioned sil, rushed dinner, packing up for Tristans slumber party, more driving (which included long stretches of traffic jam).
Well... you probably get the picture.
And the poor sick people around me! Dear sister is struck down with a nasty infection, brother dear with a migraine, Herman sneezing his head off and as he himself said "leaking out of every orifice". My heart is with you all!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Marit didi,
Thanks for thinking of me! I survived my migraine once again. This time without pleading for death (-: That's a good sign.
Big hug and I do hope herman and lise get better soon!
Oh, I had my first day of practice sports therapy so if your up for a massage sometime drop by! It's free!......for now (-;

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