One year

One year ago I started this blog.
I'm smiling at the thought.

One year ago I decided blogging would be fun. I still remember my first enthousiasm and the pleasure that I had writing my posts. And I just love the fact that it's still fun!

I found a meme which might be appropriate for this bloggiversary of mine:

Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.

1. My world has become a bigger place: Sharing about my life has made me much more aware of it. I'm aware of the perks of living here, of the differences in how other people live. I live vicariously through other blogs, and love seeing comments on my own posts. I have "friends" that I didn't have before, and have gotten back in touch with old friends and know more about their lives than I ever knew before. And all this through either blogging or through reading other blogs.

2. My blog is a dumping ground: you name it, I write about it. I love the freedom of ranting and raving, being introspective, happy, joyful, surprised or whatever. It's a wonderful place that is MINE!

3. Blogging helps me define myself: by writing about my life I'm so much more conscious of it. It's harder to just let life pass me by in a blur when I sit down regularly and think about it. I like to think that blogging has helped me become more me.

4. Posterity: Is it appallingly arrogant of me to want to feel that I have left a mark on the world? Though I know that there are thousands and thousands of blogs out there... mine is there too! It feels like an accomplishment, this writing of mine.....

5. A downside? Maybe the time that it costs?? Especially the reading of other blogs ;-)

Thanks you all, for bothering to read this little blog. I appreciate it more than you know!!

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Melanie said...

Would you understand if I said I'd desperately like to quit my job so I could blog more? :)

Dori said...

Awww...happy anniversary, Marit! And we're very happy you've stuck around!

Breigh (Canadutch) said...

Hey that's a great idea. I would write mine but I think I'd go off on tangents about things and get myself in trouble hehe my in laws don't like my blog and have given me a lot of shit about it :P I'd probably offend them (again).

The time goes by fast, my blog has been up for over 4 years now. Hard to believe!

Anonymous said...

Hey Marit,
Congrats on the anniversary, lots of cake to celebrate? I enjoy the blog and look forward to many more posts.
Sending over a TS (I dont dare post the words, in case some will be shocked). :)

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